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How to Make Heat & Water Resistant Makeup?

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Nasıl How to make water, heat and sweat resistant summer makeup ” prepared for those who say, durable makeup Welcome to making guide! Here we go.

Summer at the door.

And, with the summer, the heat-resistant, flowing, deteriorating makeup is also.

This summer “My makeup is based on water, sweat, heat” see what you will read in this comprehensive guide:

How to make water-resistant makeup?

What is waterproof makeup, what are waterproof makeup materials?

Cress, water, heat resistant tips for makeup

#BONUS: Waterproof product recommendations

#BONUS: 2019 summer makeup models!

Then girls, come on, heat and water resistant makeup Let’s start the guide!

How to make water-resistant makeup? (Waterproof Makeup Tricks)

Does not flow, does not spoil, waterproof makeup There are some steps to be followed. If you do make-up without patiently applying these steps, your make-up will remain faithful to your face all day long.

Here summer heat resistant, perspiration and waterproof makeupSteps to!

1. Start with skin cleansing.

Successful make-upThe first step is always a smooth skin cleansing. Make-up clean your pores using your daily facial cleansing to prepare your skin before make-up and, most importantly, just makeup. Be sure to apply your daily tonic and moisturizer as usual. Use a separate moisturizer for the eye area and a separate moisturizer for the rest of the face. make-up very important ahead.

2. Use some makeup.

Makeup some, ie primaryis a type of conditioner and stabilizer applied to the whole face before the makeup begins to make the makeup lasting all day long. make-up It is material.
Many brands have some makeup product in various forms. You need to buy the most suitable one for your budget and skin type, put it in your makeup bag and apply it to some face just like applying moisturizer before you start to makeup.
Each cosmetics as, makeup basesNote that the face is produced separately for the eye area, for the lips. During the summer days, you need to select the areas you want to be sure of and permanently apply the product to the region before you start to makeup.

3. Make sure your concealer and foundation are sun-protected.

It is especially important in summer days to choose liquid products with at least SPF 15+ sun protection.
Apply concealer for cleansed, moistened, base-prepared skin, under the eyes and any pimples. If necessary, apply foundation to your face, but if you don’t need more than color equalization, you can use colorful moisturizer instead of foundation on your face. The lighter the materials that should not be deteriorated, the higher your success rate.

4. Use transparent powder.

Transparent powder, ie transparent powder or alias stabilizer powderIt is applied with powder brush on liquid makeup materials such as foundation, concealer and does not interfere with color thanks to its transparency. Due to its thin and silky structure, it does not create an appearance as if too much makeup has been applied and it covers the liquid materials and fixes them. It also absorbs sweat and moisture to form an extra layer for durability. You too summer heatn make-up make your makeup with transparent powder. Especially prone to distortion such as under the eyes, supra nose and T region Make your makeup even more durable by applying extra to areas.

5. Use stabilizer spray.

Most often in hairdressers durable makeup You also get one of the makeup stabilizer sprays that you sprayed on your face. In summer heat, makeup loyal to your face all day long The last thing to do, after the makeup is to fix your face beautifully spray and guarantee durability.


So to water and heat resistant makeup To summarize the steps for:

  • Clean the skin,
  • Apply some makeup separately for each region,
  • Fix liquid products with transparent powder,
  • Fix makeup with spray.

Mini Bonus Info # 1:

Water resistant makeup or heat resistant makeup When making powder and powder makeup products, it is wise to use liquid products instead. Liquid products adhere better to the skin.

Mini Bonus Info # 2:

Like any woman who takes care of her personal care, if you use many care products in the morning heat resistant makeupSkip the days you need. The more products you mean, the more moisture, because a mild moisturizer that contains only skin cleansing and sun protection is more ideal for such occasions.

Mini Bonus Info # 3:

Do not cover your entire face with foundation. If needed, you can only cover your T-zone with a foundation. At the same time, use the stabilizing transparent powder only on the T area and under the eyes instead of on your entire face. For the rest of the face it is best not to use only a color moisturizer or, if possible, any products.

Are you finished for water & heat resistant makeup?


It was time for the most important information:


Waterproof makeup is a must, waterproof products!

Let’s start over for the recruits.

What is waterproof makeup?

Waterproofin fact, it is only the English language of “water resistant”.
But, if someone in the world of makeup and beauty “Waterproof makeup”if he speaks water, sweat, heat resistant, non-flowing He’s talking about a great makeup.

Well waterproof makeup How is it done?

The answer is simple.
Instead of foundation waterproof foundation, instead of concealer waterproof concealerreplace eyeliner waterproof eyeliner If you use waterproof makeup you have done.

So the whole event is in the materials you will use.

Foundation, sealing, powder, eye shadow, eyeliner and even eyeliner all you have to do is ask the store attendant, ne Which side are the waterproof products?..

In short, makeup with waterproof products is essential for heat and water resistant makeup!

Waterproof makeup products If summer is one of the most important purchases you need to do before you start yet Type: durable makeup owning is important to you.
Then, all you have to do is, Above heat, water, sweat resistant makeup steps apply using waterproof products.
And bingo! Your heat and water resistant makeup is ready!

A make-up made using waterproof make-up products and beautifully fixed is enough to be your savior in the summer heat.

BONUS #one

Heat & Waterproof Makeup guide, not only to have permanent makeup in the summer, oily skin A great makeup routine for both summer and winter.

Yeah, oily skin.

Because oily skin, summer and winter without saying continuous oil (and therefore moisture) is very prone to produce. Those with oily skin, not only in summer, always complain about the deterioration and flow of makeup.

With waterproof make-up, the make-up on beautifully cleansed and crafted skin and then fixed is also a great savior for oily skin.

Now you know how to make sweat resistant, summer heat and water resistant makeup.
It was time for the most researched topic.

BONUS #2nd
Waterproof Makeup Product Advice

Because, waterproof makeup The biggest problem that makes it difficult to do is not being able to choose the right waterproof products. Every product of every brand is unfortunately not very successful.
And our problem is not just an ordinary makeup, but when it is a durable makeup, the best thing to do is to listen to the advice and recommendations.

Best Waterproof Mascara

We choose for you best waterproof mascara suggestions Here’s:

1. Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Waterproof Mascara

Dior’s Diorshow Iconic Overcurl is a waterproof mascara that is resistant to heat, water and sweat.
In addition to its resistance to water and heat, it is one of the most proud aspects of its lashes that are incredibly beautiful.

2. Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara

Although the price is not very high, this mascara performance is also quite good among our waterproof mascara recommendations. Highly resistant to both water and heat. It also curls the lashes nicely and gives plenty of volume as false eyelashes. A combo!

3. Maybelline Volum ’Express The Falsies Mascara

Another affordable and successful waterproof mascara is Maybelline Volum ’Express The Falsies.
It scans the lashes one by one and gives them a lot of volume. The mascara, which does not neglect curling, is also definitely worth a try in terms of water resistance according to its price and peers.

Waterproof Foundation Tips

One of the most annoying makeup materials is the foundation for water and heat resistance.
Here are the waterproof, warm, sweat-proof foundation suggestions we have chosen for you:

1. Mac Studio Waterweight SPF30 Foundation

The SPF30 is a summer foundation with sun protection, MAC Studio Waterweight.
A lightweight foundation that keeps skin moisturizing at the forefront, a great foundation that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a mask when running in the summer heat.
It promises permanence all day and has medium level coverage.

2. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear


3. NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint SPF30 BB Cream (Color Moisturizer)

This foundation of NARS is actually a summer foundation with its colorful moisturizer, light oil-free formula and SPF30 sun protection due to its low coverage.
It is both lightweight, protects from sunlight and is very comfortable to use. You forget that you put it on your face, it slides easily and settles on the skin.
It gives a soft and matt finish, with a level of color equalization.

Waterproof Eye Liner & Eyeliner Tips

The most deteriorating makeup that flows and scattered in the summer heat is the eye pencils. The most important and sometimes the only part of eye makeup summer-winter eye pencils for many young girls who want to use the summer we have come to the most important place in the list.

Resistant to summer temperatures, ie waterproof eyeliner recommendations:


2019 Summer Makeup Models

Here you can take your own style 2019 spring – summer makeup models!

summer makeup models
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durable summer makeup
2019 summer makeup models
2019 summer makeup trends
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summer makeup models
2019 summer makeup trends

In the meantime, when you really want to remove the waterproof, water-resistant makeup, you’ll need to get makeup remover that is specially made for waterproof makeup. Affordable at this time waterproof makeup removerThe most popular cleanser Micellar Makeup Cleansing Water, that for product information and price here You can click.

Immediately after this article, “What is blush, bronzer and illuminator, how to use it?” also read.

Do you have questions about makeup that is resistant to hot weather, water and sweat? Ask immediately by leaving a comment!

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