Life Saving Makeup for Business Women in 5 Minutes

It is not an easy task for the dear businesswomen to get out of the house in the early hours of the morning, who have silenced the beating on her head and have to wake up a new morning while she has not yet had the fatigue of the previous day and life. Unfortunately, we don’t wake up every morning singing “Good morning sunshine! Veya or there may be other small or big people in the house that we need to wake up and recover from before we leave the house. Sometimes we can spend a lot of time searching for the bag that we plan to use that day, sometimes we can linger unnecessarily while trying to sober up. And in all this misery, it may seem impossible to leave the house with a well-groomed face some mornings.

As an online beauty team who knows these challenges very well, for working women 5 minutes in a practical and strategic quick makeup routine We have prepared. Here’s a 5-minute life-saving business makeover!

  1. Start by cleaning your skin.

    If you only have two minutes in total, skin cleansingSeparate what. A skin that is regularly cleaned and cared for every morning will have a natural and healthy structure and will not require much makeup in the long run. So, this handy five-minute routine skin cleansingStart with. Remember, a cleansed and cared skin without makeup will also appear healthy and shiny.

    In two minutes skin cleansing Wash your face quickly with a cleansing gel suitable for your skin type and daily use. Rinse and apply a balancing or moisturizing tonic to suit your needs. Then, always moisturize your skin with a quick-absorbing moisturizer. Use a separate eye moisturizer for your eye area. This step is also a light colored lips lip moisturizer creeps. This two-minute cleansing and moisturizing routine will make you feel refreshed, clean and fresh and make your face look healthy and clean, even if you don’t have time to continue the makeup steps.

  2. Simply color it.

    If you have another minute after cleansing, take it to lightly color your skin. For this, a little BB cream on your finger, so light colored moisturizer spray and apply to certain points on your face and quickly spread with your fingers. Since color moisturizers are already in moisturizing cream format, they can be applied easily and quickly as cream lasts. In this way, you will be able to color your skin a little and raise your mode and turn off the color inequalities. After the color moisturizer under eye concealer and quickly apply them to your eyes and if you have acne. Also apply a simple colored moisturizer to your lips.

  3. Shape your eyebrows.

    Eyebrows are very important for your facial features to come to the forefront, since there is no time to do a very colorful and full makeup, it will be a logical step to separate the next minute.

    Quickly fill the gaps in your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil, not the time and place to do a very artistic work, so just complete the gaps. Then scan and fix your eyebrows with the eyebrow stabilizer gel. In this way, you will have fixed and plump eyebrows all day long.

  4. Choose your batting move.

    At this point, you now have a well-groomed, radiant healthy and smooth looking face. Take your last minute to make a more visible move on behalf of make-up. At this point, the decision is yours. You may want to emphasize your eyes or add some sparkle to your skin. Use a soft eyeliner to apply a dark colored pencil to your upper eyelashes, then close your eyelash, close to the bottom of the eyelash pen headlight You can reach the lightly colored and misty eyes by spreading the headlight with your fingers to the rest of the cover. Since both the eyeliner and the pencil headlight application are extremely easy and fast, you can even finish this step in less than a minute. If you want to evaluate your time differently after eye pencil, choose a bold color and color your lips beautifully. Just because you’re doing a simple makeup doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll use light colors. With a beautiful cherry or an ambitious burgundy, you can’t convince anyone that you’re awake in the morning.

  5. Be a little shine and secure.

    For working women quick makeup In the last seconds of the routine, if you have a few more seconds, applying some highlighter, ie lightening to certain parts of your face, would be the most sensible final touch. To do this, just under your eyebrow, eye fountain and cheekbones with a little lightening to emphasize the top of your fingers. Take the last second, aim at the eye and nose area, spray a few fis makeup stabilizer spray on your face and leave the house with your healthy, bright and well-groomed face that will not leave you until the end of the day.

It consists of five simple steps quick makeup tacticEvery morning, you can get you out of a rubble and turn you into a woman full of self-confidence and positive energy, and most importantly, save a day in the office.

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